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Dr. Vijaya Mummadi

I am a board-certified internist and practice internal medicine in 2 locations, Dallas and McKinney. 

I do lot of medical weight loss in my offices. Over the course of many years of practicing medicine and especially taking care of very complicated patients, one thing I have realized is that heavier weight is tied to so many health problems. Heavier weight can come because of bad eating habits and lack of exercise or because of slight genetic predisposition. (Pl note: I am not taking about the significant genetic variations that cause morbid obesity).

I am generally successful in treating the weight gain problem but one thing that I noticed that patients are slightly unhappy about is the pockets of fat that they may still carry under their subcutaneous tissue that is resistant to any weight loss regimen. Even if someone is still overweight or obese, they would still love to lose fat tissue if possible.

Keeping all these things in mind, I have invested lot of time figuring out what technique would work for my patients that would help them lose their small or large subcutaneous fat pockets without needing surgery. Finally, my wait was over when I came across “Trusculpt ID”. It not only solves the fat problem but also does it with almost no SEs and no down time. It is fast, easy and well tolerated.

I also do injectables (fillers and toxins) for cosmetic purposes. I treat both male and female patients with injectables as well as weight loss management as I do not believe there is a big difference between them as both of them want to look and feel great. I am sure no one wants to show their experience on their face nor on their body . 

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